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My innovativeness is my competitive edge in the Digital Marketing Industry. I am also proud to offer my clients with my solid experience in administrative support, customer service, and client engagement. I am highly-skilled and well-versed with a vast array of applications, which assure my clients that they will have the best options and solutions to their constantly changing marketing needs. Do you want a professional that can deliver your desired result for your business?

Social Media

“Content is king,” and this is where I come in. Being tech savvy is not the only necessary thing to successfully run an advertisement. Work with me to find out how we can broaden your customer reach by increasing your company’s brand exposure. Enjoy getting valuable feedback from your customers too!

Graphic Design

Ensure to promote your advertisement’s clear message using powerful creative designs. Keep in mind that an effective graphic design must contain information, persuasion, and goodwill rolled in one. Don’t settle for online apps that offer common templates that won’t stand out. Trust an expert.

Motion Graphics

My team offers a wide range of Motion Graphics and Animation services, from animated infographics to full 2D and 3D animated corporate videos. Invest on the right people who can increase the sophistication of your ads through motion graphics solutions.

About Karen

About Karen

For 7 years, I have been working as a Digital Manager for various local and international agencies. I specialize in advertising, campaign boosting, creative branding, and social media management roles. My social media expertise essentially delves into crafting effective social media account updates, supervising e-mail and online communications, and creating effective content. I started my career in digital marketing as a virtual assistant. During that time, I was introduced to a client who sparked my interest in this line of work. Our work partnership paved the way to the development of my skills. I was mentored, I underwent series of trainings, and I was helped to better understand my new-found career. Creativity was an attribute that was unknown to me until I decided to dip my foot in this world of marketing. I started exploring new opportunities by signing up for several online jobs that were related to my new passion. Despite my limited knowledge then, I braved to search for online marketing jobs. Looking back, I even applied as a Web Designer just to gain experience. I was pushed to immediately acquire skills in generating graphics and building content. The sudden surge of responsibilities compelled me to improve myself both in photoshop and in writing! I had to be resourceful. I even read free online materials to improve my writing. Apparently, my self-taught skills convinced me that I am indeed an innovative person. After a few months, I decided to look for additional jobs as a Social Media Manager for different industries. The decision allowed me to learn the ins and the outs of Digital Marketing. I was thankful that my clients were also generous enough to provide me with training materials to help me with my pursuit. As I coursed through the different trainings, I was able to expand more my understanding of this new world. I’m glad that I was firm with my decision to address my ignorance with constant learning. After all these roller coaster efforts that I’ve experienced, I am now thankful that I can finally say that I stand out above the rest.

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